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The philosophy of Lemkuil Architectural Designs is to positively affect the environments in which we live and work, by creating homes that are true reflections of the personalities that inhabit them, and designing commercial spaces that become brand extensions of the companies they promote.


Architecture is a combination of art and science. We want to create a building that is functional while inspiring and delighting with the aesthetics. We have a sensitivity to the environment and want our buildings to fit into the landscape around it. Before we start the design we study the site to observe the surrounding buildings, views, topography and light patterns. Not only do we want the structure to fit into the landscape, we want the windows to serve as interior picture frames, capturing the surroundings.

There are 5 overlapping phases in our architectural process.

Each one is streamlined and promotes open communication at all times.

• Schematic Designs

• Design Development 

• Construction Documents

• Bidding & Contract Negotiation

• Construction Contract Administration

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